PeopleWare HR

Short description

A webinar covering all HR functions and how these are managed in PeopleWare.  The course is modular - attend your area of specialisation, and set up the software to manage your people your way.

Having a fully functional HR system makes for efficient recording and capturing of issues relating to the employees of a company. PeopleWare provides HR with the tools to keep control and manage responsibilities effectively.  From simply entering employee data, viewing grading systems and job roles, to analysing status of roles, job role and employee history and all your training information for skills development, with PeopleWare you can do it!

What you'll learn
  • Role and organisation design, competency library, employee linking
  • Organogram design
  • Functions, tasks and requirements for roles
  • Training and events
  • Training costings
  • Training planning
  • Assignments, courses, RPLs and qualifications
  • Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plans
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Automated document generation, and storage
  • Industrial councils, labour organisations
  • Equity reporting
  • Committee management
  • Awareness and training measures
  • Legislative backing
  • Equity plan creation and management
  • Leave design and management
  • Performance contracts and appraisals
  • Rating scales and appraisal methods
  • Disciplinary and grievance incident management
  • Disciplinary and grievance process/outcome management

HR Knowledge

09:00 - 11:00
R 6 700,00
PeopleWare HR