Variations Of Now – Accsys’ Time Management Gift To Business Leaders

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Variations Of Now – Accsys’ Time Management Gift To Business Leaders

The ability to effectively utilise time and balance priorities is a common challenge facing decision makers in business. Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, a member of the Business Connexion Group, believes the solution lies in adopting a ‘Variations of Now’ time management model.

In a recent blog post, Schroenn commented, “It has become increasingly clear that models that work are not always implemented at all levels of business. Operational managers are busy managing the day-to-day business, and don't give themselves the time to create processes and structures that would make them more effective.”

“The word give in the previous sentence is key,” Schroenn adds. “As managers and leaders we need to give ourselves the gift of better time management. We do find it quicker to do things ourselves, we save the day, and while we might ask how it got there and even analyse whether we could prevent it happening again, we often omit to build a structured process that would make the difference. In fact, some managers believe that being the rescuer makes them invaluable and indispensable.”

The advent of social media and social networking has added a new dimension to the challenge that is effective time management.

On the one hand this resource is invaluable to business, ensuring that it is always connected to the market, to customers and facilitating 24-hour communication. On the other, sacrificing much-needed ‘downtime’ for the sake of remaining constantly connected, always available and ‘in the office’ means people fail to take that necessary break to replenish energy levels and regain focus. The result is that people’s efficiency in the workplace is reduced.

Accsys endorses the notion that a happy employee is a productive employee and there is most certainly a need to take breaks and necessary ‘downtime’ to truly ‘switch off’.

“This enables a person to be more creative and ultimately more effective in the workplace.” says Schroenn.

As a national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space, Accsys believes it is vital for management to find regular time to share knowledge and skills to help strengthen teams.