TT100 Awards Interview Accsys

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Tt100 Awards Interview: Accsys

Accsys is a subsidiary of Transaction Capital Risk Services. The company designs people management solutions for people managers and has been around since 1981. Accsys provides a model for businesses who want to add value that impacts on time by delivering both intelligent and the practical solutions. IT News Africa spoke to CEO of Accsys, Teryl Schroenn, who answered the following questions:

What is the core focus of your business?

The core focus is to empower people managers to be more strategic through implementing software and consulting solutions. It is our purpose to provide strategic solutions for people who manage people. This includes Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance, Access Control and ESS delivered on premise, in the cloud and via mobile devices.

What have been the company’s biggest highlights in 2018?

We were acquired by Transaction Capital in December 2017, so this year has been an exciting one where we have focused on aligning with their business objectives as well as concentrating on why we are in business and how we are engaging with employees, clients and stakeholders. We have also brought in some excellent business country-wide while adding a further 2 African countries, bringing the number to 19 that we are currently supporting with our solutions.

Could you tell us about your future plans and upcoming programs?

This year has been about moving our solutions onto the latest version of our platforms as well as taking a deep dive into some of our offerings and doing a major design overhaul to prepare for the innovation we have in our roadmap.

Why are programs like the tt100 beneficial to enterprises?

The concept for us has always been to take a long, hard look at our business through both the entry questionnaire and the interview. It keeps us thinking about whether what we are doing has the desired result. We have realised how important it is not to simply have a strategy, nor just to communicate, but to work hard on ensuring that the message is consistent and getting across to all levels of the company.

How has winning the award impacted your business?

It is a positive story both internally and externally and it is an annual reminder to us to keep working at all the different parts of our business that create positive energy.

What advice would you give to future leaders who are starting out within the same industry?

I believe the advice we could give would be similar for most industries i.e. understanding why you are in business, ensuring that your behaviour and processes underpin this and constantly being aware of your brand image as well as ensuring that you are able to change direction quickly when necessary. Your competitors are watching you, and your clients and employees are watching you and your competitors. Be aware and be agile.

Source: IT News Africa​