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Author: Cathie Webb

TCTS Executive | ACCSYS Product & Enablement

One of the most successful ways to recruit new staff members into your organisation is to accept and encourage employee referrals. Referrals may lead to increased risk of bias when reviewing the CV’s of referred candidates, either for or against the candidate.

Are there tools that can assist a recruiter and hiring manager to easily compare candidate profiles, against each other, and against the job requirements? Particularly in these days of receiving, often, hundreds of CVs for each role advertised, many of them unsuitable.

Fortunately, the answer is “Yes”!

Social media has opened up the world to recruiters. This is a particular strength of LinkedIn (also rated as the number 1 job board in South Africa), where one can freely search for possible candidates. Advertising through the LinkedIn Job board is also cost effective and publishes opportunities to people in similar roles or with the required profiles through its network of millions of professionals. Depending on the type of business you are in, Facebook may be a preferred advertising platform (not so useful for head hunting), and also has a paid ads option.

Online job boards such as Careers24, Indeed, PNet and CareerJunction (and there are a host of others) have made work for the recruiter, if not the candidate, far simpler. People looking for work, or to change jobs, know about these well-advertised sites, and are able to search for roles that are available and might suit them. Usually these require that the candidate completes details about themselves, their skills and their experience to date, and this information is then matched to the profile required.

The success of these platforms depends largely on the details that the candidate uploads. Recruiters often use these platforms to search for candidates, rather than depending on ads placed. While there are a number of free job boards available, those mentioned above require a subscription (although Indeed does have a free option).

One of the newest and most exciting discoveries in the recruitment space is the use of AI (artificial intelligence). Also known as machine intelligence, AI is used to mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and is generally able to improve performance as it receives increasing amounts of data.

In recruitment, AI can be used to automate the comparison of a candidates’ CV against a job profile. Ideally, the system will also automate the ranking of a candidate against other candidates applying for the same role.

As a provider of technology solutions designed to assist in people management, Transaction Capital Transactional Services has recently introduced a CV parsing solution to clients. The system, branded as ACRecruit, simplifies the first steps in the recruitment process:

  • collecting candidate CVs
  • comparing uploaded CVs to the role requirements
  • shortlisting candidates for 1st level interviews
  • processing the 1st level interview via video (computer or mobile), reducing the time required to determine possible good fits who should go to 2nd round interviews
  • regretting the many, many applications which were unsuitable quickly and easily.

By enabling 1st level interviews to be done via video, which can be reviewed by the recruiter and the hiring manager at their convenience, the time is reduced even further. When one compares working through initial interviews in the traditional manner, which even excluding the time required to contact candidates and make appointments from the equation, takes at least 30 minutes to being able to review a full video interview in under 10 minutes, this is a massive time-saver.

Since the solution should be used to collect all CV’s of interested people, whether internal or external candidates, the risk of bias when reviewing many documents, is significantly reduced. The ranking is done based solely on role requirements being compared to applicant skills, education, etc.

Additionally, the candidate’s first experience of your business is professional, friendly and convenient, as well as tech-savvy.

Transaction Capital Transactional Services (TCTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE listed Transactional Capital and is a recognised market leader in optimised payment and collection solutions, account verification, people management and processing platforms.

Our business subscribes to best practice, corporate governance and compliance structures upheld by Transactional Capital. Innovation, customisation and full integration define our solutions. TCTS | Accsys is a leading people management solutions provider, proud to add eRecruitment in the form of a CV parser to our offering.

We help our clients create an environment in which their business runs optimally and securely, and in which they can focus on their core business.